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  1. Areeb


    Hello all, Welcome back to another announcement! To start things of, will go over some stuff we fixed over the week on Towny Iter. A lot of bugs are still been worked on so thank you to all who have been playing and been reporting them. • Reduced price of raw mutton • Setspawn using bed has...
  2. Areeb

    Towny Rules [Volant + Iter]

    1. Cheating, server exploits and alternative accounts. 1.1 Hacked clients and other modifications. Cheat clients, macro keys and other modifications or an external source which give the player gameplay leverage over other players are not allowed. Players found breaking this rule will face a...
  3. Areeb

    Submitting a Bug Report

    *If you find a bug one of our servers, please report it here. Reporting bugs can lead to rewards if a major bug is identified. Minecraft Username: Server: Is it a map/location bug? (Provide locations/cords) Description of the issue: Steps to reproduce issue: (Please give us the steps of how...
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    sweet like sorbet

    sweet like sorbet
  5. Areeb

    Format for Helper Application

    Copy the format below and make your own thread, be detailed as possible and don't lie! - Name (First name is alright): - IGN (in-game name): - Age: - Gender: - Timezone: - How long can you be active on the server (in terms of hours per week) - How long have you played Tellus? (Quantify it if...
  6. Areeb

    Towny Iter Release!

    We’re finally excited to announce that a new game-mode is been added to the server, Towny Iter. The new realm is an adaption of our OG realm Volant, and provides a more immersive experience by adding realism and other cool stuff! Sooo what will come to the new realm? Well here’s some of the...