Towny Iter Release!


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We’re finally excited to announce that a new game-mode is been added to the server, Towny Iter. The new realm is an adaption of our OG realm Volant, and provides a more immersive experience by adding realism and other cool stuff!

Sooo what will come to the new realm? Well here’s some of the things:
  • We’ve changed the way you move around the map, by eliminating teleportation.
  • We’ve added vehicles, you can purchase cars, helicopters and even brooms!
  • A new livemap is already available, so you can decide where you will build your empire.
  • Ability to PvP with a toggling command.
  • Backpacks
  • /rtp command or use the portal at spawn to teleport somewhere random.
  • Better stacking between spawners and items.
  • Enchanced mcMMO with a bar to show progress.
  • Player warps, create events, shops and let players warp to you.
  • Redesigned shop with an easy to use /shop menu for all your needs.
  • New chest-shop system to sell, simply right-click a chest with the item in your hand.
  • Hundreds of bug fixes that we simply couldn’t fix on Volant.
This is just some of the stuff we’ve managed to note down, there’s more to come! The Iter realm is set to release on Friday 11th @ 1PM EASTERN TIME.

That’s all for today folks, thank you all for reading! Make sure to join our Discord if you’re not already in it,

Till next time,
Have a great day.
Everything seems great except the brooms bit, as (to my knowledge) the whole point of Iter was for a more immersive experience.
I don't really find people flying on brooms immersive.