For a full list of rules, please visit the extensive rules document:

Cheating, server exploits and alternative accounts.

1.1  Hacked clients and other modifications.
Cheat clients, macro keys and other modifications or an external source which give the player gameplay leverage over other players are not allowed. Players found breaking this rule will face a ban.

1.1.2 Association with cheaters.
Anyone found playing with, working with, or being friends with a cheater will receive on first offence 1 24 hour ban and all items wiped from in game. If caught more than once working with and befriending hackers / cheaters players will be subject to a permanent ban. This rule does not apply to Optifine and other performance improvement mods. Always ask Staff if you're unsure!

1.2 Assisting others in breaking server rules.
Players found assisting other players in breaking any of the rules listed on this page will be punished.

1.3 Technical errors and server exploits.Players are not allowed to take advantage of apparent server bugs or otherwise exploit technical oversights. Players found taking advantage of bugs or technical oversights without notifying staff may be permanently banned.  -ZeroTick Farms are not allowed.-Large scale automated redstone farms / machines are not allowed.-Automated farms are allowed as long as they do not impact server performance and aren’t a large scale operation of automation.

1.3.2 External Exploits To Gain Advantages
Any use of anything to gain an advantage over players like using the Livemap to hunt players, using Twitch or any other livestreaming service to stream snipe people is not allowed and will result in a ban. This goes for any source of external help. 

1.4 Alternative accounts. Alternative accounts or “alts” for short are not allowed. You may only use one account per player. Alternative accounts will be banned and the player’s main account may be warned if this rule is deliberately broken. Please contact server staff if you wish to switch your main account.

1.5 Intentionally causing lag.
Players intentionally causing harm to the server may be permanently banned.

Behaviour and chat

2.0 Player Farming / Warp Camping.Repeatedly killing the same player or group of players will be considered player farming. This is not allowed. Players are not to be killed around or in warps. Warps are made for the public.

2.1 Trapping / Teleporting to players.
Trapping players by for instance luring them into teleporting to a town or nation spawn which they cannot escape from or by setting up a sealed off nether portal is not allowed. We cannot allow this as it literally makes players unable to play on the server if they are stuck there forever, they have to either die or be able to teleport out of any traps you create. Teleporting to players just to instantly kill them by pvp or otherwise is not allowed. Upon teleporting you must give a grace period of at least 30 seconds before killing/attacking another user.

2.2 Stealing and raiding players/killing/towns/nations.
PVP is not allowed at all unless: A player is annoying you on your claim and you have warned him to leave 3 times. Then, and only then you can kill the person. If the person fights back, they will be punished themselves.Stealing and raiding is not allowed. There’s one exception to this rule: If you find a house or something that can be raided and it is 200 blocks away from the nearest claim. This only applies if it’s not an active base.

2.2.5 Insiding towns / nations / clans / groups of people is strictly prohibited. Joining a town / nation / group with the intention to steal or cause harm to them is not allowed. When leaving a town / nation / group you must leave respectfully and only take your own items with you. You are not allowed to cause chaos on your exit from the group. Spies in groups are allowed however but you may not steal items, money, etc. You must only relay information to your original group. 

2.3 Spam.
Spamming or sending messages in a way that disrupts chat flow, normally by sending a similar message repeatedly, is not allowed. Spammers may be warned and muted.
2.4 Toxicity.
Toxicity is not allowed on this server. Toxicity in chat includes but is not limited to: Bullying/harassing others.- Arguing with staff- Debating Staff- Disrespecting staff in any way- Talking or threatening about self-harm, or other deeply negative experiences.- Leading or encouraging violence or hatred towards other players.- Constructing buildings/pixel art that can be considered racist/sexually explicit or containing hate speech/symbols.- Being malicious, toxic towards the staffs or anyone.- Messages with sexual characters and sexual harassment.- Hate Speech, discrimination in any form, such as negative comments related to skin color, race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion/beliefs, or other personal qualities.

2.5 Impersonating other players, towns/nations, and businesses.
Impersonating players by taking advantage of, but not limited to, usernames, nicknames, town/nation, and business names is not allowed. Offenders will be asked to revert to their proper character. If any damage is done staff may choose to ban the offending player.